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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Reasons The Champions League Final Have Restored England Reputation

If there must be any people more than happy about the Champions league final, then it have to be the Premier League and that's partly to both Tottenham and Liverpool restoring their reputations on the night when all hope have been lost.

This year have been one of the most fruitful year for the English teams participating in the European Champions, thanks to the miraculous comebacks from both liverpool and Tottenham respectively.

Since 2009, English teams have been humiliated on many occasions with United coming close in 2009 before being battered by a much organised Barcelona , then followed Liverpool who played at the final last year in Kiv before Madrid thumped them from Karius catastrophic errors that gifted the Spanish giants their 13th title.

The last time two Premier League sides contested the Champions League final was Chelsea and Manchester United’s meeting at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow in 2008 of which united won 6-5 on penalties after playing out a 1-1 draw but there have been a repetition of that this year as Liverpool and Tottenham are to lock horns comes June 1st.

This was the only time in the history of the Champions League or its former guise of the European Cup that two English sides have met in the final. It has happened in the Europa League/UEFA Cup, when Tottenham beat Wolves in the final of the first ever edition of the tournament in 1972.

Liverpool have won the Champions League amazingly FIVE times…

Some might judge this final as luck from both English teams but anyone who watched this encounters between this team will sense determination, hardwork and the die hard factor that makes the Premier league enjoying and unpredicting!

Anyone who watched the first leg of the Barcelona and Liverpool encounter would know that the writing had been on the wall for Barcelona to exit in the semi's. From start to finish of that heavy defeat at Nou Camp, Jurgen Klopp's men was on the forefront with the difference being the 3-0 score line on paper.

Not as if liverpool played badly but the reality is the fact that no one can remember the last time Barcelona lost at Nou Camp from opposition teams. It has been Messi's territory and tormenting zone so winning there would always be hard.

Playing two shots on target  under five minutes was a statement from Naby Keita and he got targeted by Barcelona's midfielders before he was withdrawn with an injury. It was a defining moment that turned the game as Barcelona saw chances and exploited Liverpool's weakness before killing them with dangerosu Lionel Messi's free kick.

Liverpool should have scored but their old problems occurred with both Salah and mane misfiring and that made matters worse. There have been conclusion that Klopp's men are already out of the competition but the English side had other ideas. Things got worse for the Anfield faithful's when talisman Mohamed salah suffered a concussion on their tussle with Newcastle and Firmino, star midfielder Keita also being ruled out for the second leg encounter.

The line up of Liverpool at Anfield against Barcelona was mocked and there were even  some Liverpool fans predicting their team to lose 4-0 but Klopp's men showed maturity and calmness in over powering a Barcelona side loaded with quality, and left them bruised all over from start to finish. At the end, it was all over and Liverpool won the game in front of millions all over the world.

It wasn't luck if truth is to be told. This has been a team fighting domestically for the Premier league and their tactics of play is there for all to see. that defeat also proved to the world that the English league is one of the best , if not the best in the world.

Tottenham themselves are the architect of their own failures in the first leg defeat to Ajax at their newly built stadium but they proved to the world just like Liverpool that they are plying their trade in the best league in the world. Defeating  ajax at Amsterdam was always going to be a hard task for Mauricio Pochettino's men especially after they were left 2-0 behind from a youthful Ajax side.

Never bet against the English side because they can come up with surprise and that was the case as Tottenham shocked everyone and exceeded all odds by winning 3-2 on away goals from a Lucas Moura's hattrick. It was an unbelievable moment as Ajax who have defeated both Real Madrid and Juventus in the competition couldn't believe their eyes but that was how it ended and the Premier League reputation was restored.

United and City exited in the quarterfinals at the hands of Barcelona and Tottenham respectively but at least they tried by reaching the last eight and one would believe that they might come back next season.

there was no room for bullying this time by other European club's this time. The English teams gave their best which was enough to seem them through at the finals.

If Liverpool could manage to win the trophy again that would take them another step closer to Real Madrid’s 13 Champions League Victories.(13 is a Phenomenal number of CL Final Victories,very impressive Real Madrid).

Tottenham Hotspur on the other hand have never won the CL Trophy, so reaching the final this time around represents an excellent chance to get their first Champions League final Victory in the clubs 136 years history.

Having moved into a new £1bn stadium last month, these are exciting times for Spurs as they chase a first trophy in 11 years. To move into this new Impressive 62,062 (capacity) stadium and win the Champions League Trophy in the same season would make 2018/19 a very special Season indeed.

Tottenham Manager Mauricio Pochettino has ‘quietly’ Improved Tottenham Hotspur so far in his 5 years in charge,just getting ‘Spurs’ to the CL Final like he has in itself is a Massive achievement.

No doubt he will see this season as a huge success no matter what the result in the final would be, perhaps also he will regard it as a building block for further success both in Europe and in the domestic EPremier League in the season’s to come.

Both Liverpool & Tottenham have a ‘Desire’ to win the CL trophy (which one has the most Desire we shall have to wait and see). In Liverpool’s case they want a 6th title. In Tottenham’s case they want their 1st title.

Both teams have shown they have a ‘Never Say Die’ mentality ,they both came through their respective semi finals having to come from behind to go on and win which have for sure restored the reputation of the Premier league too.

Who will win?

I'm guessing a very tight game but both teams can blow the other away Especially if Liverpool’s attacking game work.  Tottenham have good attacker’s too but need Liverpool to play poor so it depends on how both teams handle each other’s threat’s. Could defences be the key here? i wonder!

The ‘Impressive Champions League Trophy’ awaits the winner and with it all the glory that goes with winning this fine Trophy.

England and the Premier League must be somewhere whispering 'thank you' to their finalists!

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