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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

3 Main Reasons Arsenal Will Win Chelsea In The Europa League Final

Wednesday would be an entertaining encounter with both Arsenal and Chelsea locking horns at Europe.

Both teams had an underwhelming campaign as Arsenal finished outside the top four and Chelsea needing a slip from Tottenham to finish third.

With all the nerves raised and speculation concerning the future of Maurizio Sarri, the Italian can at least take a sigh of relief for reaching the final and having an opportunity to silence his critics but can he do that without a fight especially with Europa League expert Unai Emery?

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For sure, many have tipped Chelsea as the favorites to lift the trophy but there are many reasons why Gunnar fans should be optimistic  of them lifting the league and automatically qualifying for the Champions League next season.

As always, Goalcliq usually gives it's readers some meaningful reasons why some doubts can be turned into reality. So why do we think Arsenal can go all the way and pick the trophy?

1: Emery is an Europa League specialist.

No matter how bad the Gunnar's have played this season, Spanish coach Emery have shown us all through the years what the Europa League means to him.

It was an unforgettable night in France when Arsenal were shown a red card after Papastathopoulos foolishly fowled a Rennes player. Arsenal lost the first leg 3-1 with men fearing Emery's magic is already blown out but the Spanish coach had more to show.

With the second leg in mind, the former PSG boss outclassed his opponent and went on to leave his magic with the Gunnar's triumphing to the quarter finals.

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If UEFA ever considers renaming the Europa League trophy they may want to ponder the name, Unai Emery. The Arsenal coach has already won the competition three times (2013–14, 2014–15, 2015–16) with Sevilla. Emery has been involved in 73 Europa League matches with the next nearest manager at 52.

This record should be something to believe in because as far as the competition is concerned, he is the undisputed giant of the competition. He's at a club where there is lower finance and injuries have been a major problem to his players throughout the season but he have utilized the players he has at his disposal and with the way Arsenal have massacred their opponents in this competition, it shows they seriously mean business.

Arsenal are not the favorites to win this encounter but if they are to win it, then this success would for sure be tagged behind Emery the Europa League specialist.

2: Arsenal knows this is their only route to Champions League

Arsenal started the season strongly but faded without anyone knowing where the problem lays.

Emery's tactics of playing from the back was questioned on many occasions but he stubbornly sticked to his methods and that has not helped with the Gunnar's finishing 5th in the table.

Before that disastrous position, Unai Emery has already decided to prioritize the Europa League above anything else after seeing a fierce competition of the big gongs trying to finish in the top four.

Chelsea already have qualified for the Champions League next season and that may apply at the back of their minds though Sarri's men needs the trophy.

Arsenal knows that anything beyond winning would be sending them out of the Champions League and therefore would give their all in trying to lift the trophy.

3: Arsenal have an edge over a predictable Chelsea side.

They might be the favorites to win this encounter but anyone who have calmly followed Chelsea though out this season would certainly admit they are predictable.

His lineups have always been the same and that has been the problem Chelsea faced through out this season. He has made it publicly known that Drink-water is not in his plans but anyone watching Jorginho and David Luiz in this Chelsea  team week in week out would be wondering what type of manager Sarri is.

Like mentioned before, playing Kante and Drinkwater will influence the overall formation during play. The manager can still maintain his philosophy under a different setup as it will allow his style of play to evolve and accommodate more players but has he done that?

Certainly he hasn't and that's the reason why his job is under big threat. Jorginho's passes have been predictable and Hazard haven't had his best in this Sarri's team as have shown in some Places League games where smaller teams thwarts him a lot. Emery would for sure be licking his tongues as he must have known what would be waiting for him.

What makes football great is how it is played, thus dubbed the beautiful game. Being able to surprise your opponents is a quality shown by some of the best managers in the world and that includes change of players and tactics which Sarri have failed to apply.

With this is mind, Emery and his men would have to analyse some weaknesses in this Chelsea side and use it against them which for sure would work.

There's no theory behind this facts but there should be  a strong belief among the Gunnar's fans because a king have that die hard factor in them which for sure shouldn't be neglected and certainly, kind Emery is in the wheel.

Whatever the case maybe, it's all about good luck to both teams.

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