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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Three Main Reasons Chelsea Should Not Sack Sarri

    Sarri is under pressure to be fired

The manager came with huge reputation with his brand of football compared to that of Pep Guardiola at Manchester City but he is under intense pressure with potential sacking is looming but the Blues should consider not sacking the Italian coach.

It's been a frustrating campaign for the London club with Maurizio Sarri's future in a major doubt. The Italian boss have seen his future called into questions after some poor results have seen them stay 3 points bhind the top four after 28 games played.

They started the season strongly and his brand of football was praised but after that Arsenal defeat , followed by a 4-0 humiliation by Bournemouth and another heavy 6-0 defeat from City, there were rumours he would be fired sooner than later.

That City defeat was too catastrophic to hold but they have also exited the FA Cup and EFL Cup respectively and any hope of getting taking any silverware this season have been dashed.

With this in mind, it is clearer while it would be understandable if Sarri I sacked by the Blues but there are many reasons why the club should not consider sacking him.

1: He still needs time.

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich have the history of sacking managers and with Chelsea's recent performance, there have been great belief he would struck again without looking back but he should consider many things before releasing the Italian.

The Blues are a club in transition and are still adapting to  the Italian coach system of football. Everything is a process  and there are Chelsea themselves knew this more than anyone.

Sarri's style of play is not based on defensive game which Chelsea are known for. It's an attacking form of play and it's tactical demands is much that he can't make magics overnight and get it through the heads of his players.

Patience and time would be the main key for Sarri if the Blues are to see a beautiful brand of football consistently compared to the timid and rigid style of play under Mourinho and Conte.

Giving him time does not  and will not guarantee success. It is quite possible that it does not work out for Sarri at Chelsea even after a year. However, at some time, Chelsea have to take that risk with a coach. At the moment, it is a better option than constant hiring and firing. While the policy worked for the club in the past, one has to admit the squad quality is nowhere near as good at the moment as it was a few years ago.

It's not as if Chelsea should show the same patience Arsenal showed with Arsene Wenger or that of Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United but they should acknowledge the pressure is much ans at least help him lower i. The pressure of winning trophies should always be there. However, any new coach should know he will have enough time to build a long term project and Sarri's case should be the same.

Like i said before, Sarri was not just bought to West London to win trophies but to implement his famous "Sarri ball" style in the Premier League which would change the negative approach the Blues are known for. Anyone who watched Napoli over the past couple of years was in awe of their football and that was the main factor that motivated Chelsea before they got rid of Conte .

Chelsea knew what they were getting when they sacked Conte in favour of Sarri. Even Pep Guardiola's himself suffered similar fate in his first season with City and it should be noted they were trophy-less in his first season at the English soil but today City are on the course of claiming a second successive title so Chelsea should give Sarri time.

It's not as if Chelsea have been too bad. The reality is that the fans are desperate to get results and that's all that matters at the end of the day but if Abramovic can give Sarri time, he might build up an empire that would dominate the Premier League in years.

Sacking him now that they are facing ban would also be disastrous so it's only time  given to him that can help the Blues and that's what Abramovic should do.

2 : He don't have the players he needs.

In as much as it's clear that Sarri is stubborn in terms of changing formation and line ups, it should also be noted that that's because he lacks technical know-how.

The only player who understands Sarri's style of play is Jorginho and that's the reality.

Unlike at Napoli, he has everything that's needed to carry out his style of play from goalkeeper to the striking position but at Chelsea, he has nothing at all.

Chelsea's defense is one of the worse in the league with David Luiz no near Koulibaly
For starters, Chelsea' style of football is nowhere near as attractive as the Stamford Bridge faithful imagined. In truth, the Blues have only got worse as the season has progressed. Despite glaring issues, Sarri has barely tried to change anything tactically.

One of the biggest problems with Sarri have at Chelsea is  the players he has at his disposal. He has been accused of preferring older players over younger ones but people should know that he is using what he thinks is the best for the club.

It's true that those decisions is something that does not really help a long term project in any way especially when the current results are not favorable but what could he do when those young guys are no where to understand his tactical demands.

People have criticised him on why he has dropped Emerson in favour of Marcos Alonso who's more slower but the truth is that he is preferring those who at least understands his game.

Calls to play fringe players have also been deafening in the ears of Sarri and that's because he's trying to prove a point which is not even working. He's dreaming and with this group of players, the club is going no where so the only option is to allow him to stay, master each players ability because they have been banned from signing players so it's left for him to install his philosophy inside the players he have at his disposal.

Chelsea squad is crying for an overhaul. A lot of players are either not good enough or are past their best. Some of them have been here for way too long. Whether Chelsea stick with Maurizio Sarri or not, this is an area that needs to be addressed and I think he's the right one to do this.

No manager can do magic with the current group of players. it is hard to see any manager doing any better. Even Pep Guardiola himself is unlikely to work any miracles as it's been shown with Sarri. If the solution was just to bring a new so that they can start playing a beautiful game, then quality players are needed.

Since the have been banned from strengthening next season, one of the option they have now is to keep Sarri so that he can build the team and fix their alarming problem. Sacking him would do little good.

The way things stand,  Chelsea are set to finish outside the top four as they did last season but they should know the problem is not solely because of Sarri. They are part of the problem and that's because they did not give him the tools he needed to work so to amend that, they have to at least allow him to set up his own group.

3: A new manager might not be the solution.

Getting rid of a coach is very very easy for Chelsea as they had shown that in many years. They can just pay off your remaining contract without looking back but how sure they are that a new manager would work out?

There have been rumours of Zinedine Zidane taking his job but are we considering the fact that Zidane isn't a magician.

We are not also navlive of the fact that he is unproven and also inherited a world class team of Cristiano Ronaldo and co. This players are not at Chelsea and with speculation of Hazard joining Madrid in the summer, it seem more hard that a new coach would come and lift the club.

Blaming managers is always the easy route provided that football is concerned. Both for the club and fans, getting rid of the coach suggests an easy solution and convenient scapegoat. On most occasions, it also gets a reaction from the players and immediate results. However, that only paper overs the crack and with time the real issues will show up again.

It's true that sacking Sarri might help Chelsea in the short run, it is hardly going to make them challenge for the Premier League and Champions League again. If the decisions makers at the club have still not understood the harms of short-termism, it will show that have not learnt from their past mistakes.

Knowing the club as a sacking club is the worst image they can ever have. Time would surely come when managers would start rejecting the chance to work for the London club because they know what awaits them.

A time will come when managers will refuse to work for the club knowing that short-termism awaits them and it would be a great shame when such happens.

We never knew what will happen comes end of the season but whatever the outcome is, sacking Sarri would be a no-brainer except if someone can guarantee us that the next coach is a magician because Chelsea's problem is not just Sarri but a collective one from football perspective.

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