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Friday, March 8, 2019

Reasons Lionel Messi Won't Leave Barcelona

One of the many things Barcelona rivals would love to see is Lionel Messi exiting the Catalan capital but there are many reasons why Barcelona fans should be optimistic on seeing their captain and icon end his career at Nou camp.

Days are gone when players stick to a club and shows their loyalty with almost all young generation of players preferring trophies to respect. it's not to say loyalty can't be found among players this days but the truth is it's rare.

With this in mind, Goalcliq enlights reasons why Barcelona and Argentine legend Lionel Messi won't be leaving Barcelona.

1: He is happy at Barcelona.

One thing every player considers before any decisions concerning transferring to other club is his happiness and that is not lacking at Barcelona.

Two years ago, Manchester City were reportedly after his signature but what would make him to leave a club that nurtured him, took care of him and who respects him.

He is being worshipped at Barcelona and his happiness is the club's priority. He has no one to compete with or have problem with just like in the days of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and David Villa.

Even at those circumstances, the club preferred letting Zlatan go in his favour. That decision was justified because he has gone on to create records the Swedish legend wouldn't have done.

He is also looking by his fellow players. He has a close and good relationship with Luis Suarez  who he spends time with and both also lives close to Castelldefels.

Apart from Suarez, he also has a good relationship with every single member of the squad so all this should be considered. The happiness also trends to the support he gets from Barcelona unlike his rival Cristiano Ronaldo who was abandoned by Real Madrid when he was alleged to have invaded tax.

When those allegations were levelled against Messi, Barcelona supporter him very well to such an extent they took up the case themselves.

His wife Antonella Roccuzzo and sons Thiago and Mateo are happening at the country and they have no problem with anyone so leaving Barcelona is not in his mind for now.

With his family happy at Spain, the club respecting him and also his fellow team-mates acknowledging him as the leader, their I no way he would be leaving Barcelona anytime soon.

2: The club values and wants him to retire there.

The bromance between Messi and Barcelona is incomparable. This has been the club he has played for starting from his youth days. He knows the club's philosophy and understands their tradition more than anyone else.

He is not just a player but a professional too. Years ago when Manchester City were on the heels to sign the Argentine when he hasn't signed a new contract, it was laughable because they are going to a player out of reach.

He is no Cristiano Ronaldo and can never be one. He is not a type that loves to move about from one club to another.

Without compromise, he is the best in the world. It's not about physical training but talent accompanied with dedication and passion.

Messi love Barcelona and Barcelona loves Messi and that's the chain reaction between both parties. When answering Ronaldo's challenge on coming to Italy this summer, the Argentine told Marca:

Accepting Ronaldo's challenge to join Italian football? I don't need any change.

'I'm at the best team in the world. My challenges are renewed year after year. I do not need to change teams or leagues to set new goals. I am at home and I do not need to change."

With this mentality, it's hard seeing Messi exit Barcelona. He knows his talent is recognised globally and that also anyone who understands football knows he's the best so leaving Barcelona for him would be a no-brainer.

3: He is Humble and loyal.

One thing about Messi is his loyalty and another is his humility. If the Argentine is not loyal or being motivated by money, he would have left the Catalans for City, Manchester United or even China.

Can we discuss a bit about Neymar tagged the  'snake' by Barcelona fans. The Brazilian might claim his decision to leave Barcelona was not motivated by money but the truth was he left for the cash believe it or not.

He has everything needed at Barcelona: best midfielders and creators to assist him in reaching the top but he needed more. Unlike Messi, he knows there are clubs willing to pay beyond what Barcelona is offering but because he's loyal, he calmed his ahead and is contented with  what he's being offered.

Messi means so much to Barcelona and that's the reality. Xavi, a Barcelona legend when discussing about the possibility of Messi leaving Barcelona two years ago said:

'Over the years, there is no doubt that Messi would have had the chance to earn more money with clubs who have billionaire owners, but his heart is at Barcelona'.

One's heart can't be at any club if they are not loyal, contented and humble. Messi has those attributes and that's the reason why he won't leave Barcelona.

Even if money becomes the issue which we all know won't, it's believe the club would double it to any extent knowing his commercial value and what his stays offers to them alone so the possibility of Lionel Messi leaving Barcelona is out of the picture.

4: He knows there would be no place better than Barcelona

Acceptability is one of the truth everyone needs and that's what Messi has learn. Irrespective of his calibre, there would be no club that would suit him better than Barcelona.

He knows the fans support is immerse. He's never in a day been booed by his own fans. Even when things go wrong for him, his fans are all behind and cheering him up and those little things matters.

Ronaldo himself received the bad side of his fans when he fell out with Mourinho during their days together at Madrid. Imagine a coach falling out with Messi and seeing Barcelona fans siding the coach; impossible!

Messi knows there are few world class players at other clubs compared to Barcelona. He knows the ones Barcelona respects and loves giving him passes to score.

He also knows that the club's style of play suits him well so seeking for a new challenge might not end well. It's not that he can't adapt well to any league but the fact that he might lose the respect he's been given at Barcelona.

He's known as the king, their saviour and the talisman. Imagine him joining Juventus and dragging that throne with Ronaldo as seen in PSG between Neymar and Mbappe.

Messi leaving Barcelona would be the hardest news to take though we never can say the possibility is not there because Ronaldo himself shocked the world this year when he left for Juventus after some wonderful years in Spain with Madrid.

Drop your comments Barcelona fans, do you see Messi leaving your club?

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