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Friday, February 15, 2019

Were Barcelona Right To Extend Valverde's Contract?

With many hoping to see Valverde exit Barcelona, the club had made a shock decision by extending his contract to a further year with an option for another.

Barcelona triggered the option to extend Valverde's stay at Camp Nou, a decision that haven't gone well with the majority of the supporters but was the club right to give him a renewal?

Barcelona are first in the league table. Six point above rejuvenated Real Madrid but one shouldn't forget they have not won their last three game: two draws on La Liga against Valencia and Athletic Bilbao respectively and one of Copa de lay against Real Madrid.

That result have prompted many to conclude that Valverde's time is near and many have expected the club to part ways with the former Athletic Bilbao man but president Joseph Maria Bartomeu have kept his word about retaining the coach which he has done.

Sighting his happiness after the deal was confirmed on Friday morning, he said:
Am really happy. I have the sensation that I'm experiencing a unique situation and I'm grateful that the club value what I am doing. They offered me the chance to continue and I had no doubts. I am delighted to extend my contract.
We have a lot of challenges ahead of us, a lot of games to win and a lot of trophies to win. It's comforting that the club want me to give continuity to the project. To a certain degree, that makes me take on more responsibility. 
There are permanent challenges at this club, starting with the immediate games, but the big challenges are to make our club even greater every day, to make fans enjoy themselves and to keep winning. 
I feel really comfortable working here, with the backing of the club. I'm really comfortable with the team, with the players. We know how big the club is and it's a really exciting challenge to coach this club and work with these players. It's all motivation to continue here.
For certain he is no Guardiola or a Barcelona type of coach but no one can deny what he has offered to the club even though the club can't forget that bitter champions league exit at the hands of Roma last season.

But the question has been whether the board right to renew his deal or if it has been a big mistake knowing he doesn't play with the club's philosophy.

For certain, Goalcliq thinks the club made the right decision if few things can be considered

1: Getting Messi's backing

Messi is regarded as the best in the world and when the best backs anyone, then his decision must be considered and that was the case with Valverde.

The Argentine has been in fine form for Barcelona this term, driving Valverde’s men towards the La Liga title with Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid trailing in their wake.

The big question has been whether Valverde he can take the club any further or whether they need to bring in someone more forward-thinking. Quique Setien is sure to be a name mentioned around Camp Nou due to his philosophy and how successful he has been in implementing it at Real Betis. The 4-3 victory over Barca at Camp Nou served as the perfect showcase of his style. Sevilla’s Pablo Machin is another La Liga manager who is attracting plenty of interest but the Argentine have made sure that the club had kept him.

According to AS last year, Valverde has the trust of Lionel Messi due to his ability to read games and make the necessary changes and he has spoke highly of him concerning his man-management.
With Valverde I feel spectacular. The way he is, the way he talks to the players, for being such a good person, sincere... With all the coaches, I’ve had good experiences and I’m grateful because I’ve learned from everyone.”
Having the support of his main player is a major boost and suggests that the dressing room is completely behind him. The coach also have a good relationship with the Barcelona legend and have on several occasion praised him highly and made him know how important he has been to the club.

He has also build his team around Messi with the Argentine scoring 34 goals in 36 matches last season and this season have also been phenomenal. He has scored 21 goals out if 21 games which tells how good he has been under Valverde.

More importantly, Messi have received freedom to operate anywhere in Valverde's system and the results have been good.

So if this should be considered, then the club was right in renewing his deal because they value Messi and his say is always important in every decisions the club makes.

2: He keeps a good dressing room

If there is one thing a club needs, then it's peace and stability. Get your self a coach like Jose Mourinho and in three years time you will know the importance of good atmosphere.

Unlike in the region of Luis Enrique, there was a fall out with players either because they are not giving all or because he doesn't like their style of play. He handled things the way he thinks best which backfired spectacularly. Valverde himself have been a calmed figure and have maintained the dressing room in his own way. If he is someone that causes trouble or whom the players don't want, there would be no renewal and that's a fact.

Managing a talent but troublesome player like Ousmane Dembele is not what any manager like even Pep Guardiola would want but the way he has treated their issues was pleasing with the board. It's important that a positive image of the club is reflected by the coach and Valverde hasn't brought shame or any negative headlines to Camp Nou either in his press conferences or anything similar.

Think also of managing a player like Arturo Vidal. The outspoken Chilean irked the ire of the manager but up till today, no one can say both figures had a fall out. Vidal questioned his decisions why he's been benched but Valverde calmly cooled the matter and didn't even suspend the ex Bayern Munich midfielder.

Other risky cases solved by the manager have been many. Irrespective of the fact that he is not playing all his players, he has also maintained happiness among his squad. Philippe Coutinho have been out of form yet the coach have kept on giving the Brazilian the confidence he needs and that must have been what made the board renew his contract.

He has accepted decisions made by the board without questioning them. He accepts he is under someone and every decisions made irrespective of what he thinks is ok by him and that makes him a club coach.

One thing is trophies and another is keeping things calm. Jose Mourinho generates you trophies but the resultant effect after that would more disastrous. Valverde doesn't play the club's way but he also gives trophies and maintains peace in his team which is a greater factor. That is what Maria Bartomeu considered before handing that deal.

3: He guarantee trophies

He is no Guardiola or Johan Cruff who knows the club's philosophy and plays their way but one fact about him is the fact of his sporting success.

Before handling out this renewal, the club must have considered what he has offered apart from being a calm figure and someone loved by the players.

In his first season, he gave the club the La Liga and the Spanish Super Cup though they exited the Champions League in an unforgettable way at the hands of Roma.

This season also have seen him given them the Super Cup. The club also are fighting for all trophies: the La Liga, Champions League and Copa del Rey and that shows he knows what he's doing.

Bartomeu made the right decision in extending his contract and the fans have to accept it that way.

The fans are just angry with his method and the way he sets his team, his type of signings that doesn't suit the pattern of the club and his key decisions in big games but what they also forgot is that the results are coming.

His signings might not be a galician type but no one should forget what Paulinho offered to the club before he was sold.

Lastly, Valverde is there to stay and hge club might still extend his deal if he continues doing what suits best in their eyes.

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