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Saturday, February 23, 2019

India 99-1 Nigeria: The Story That 'Never' Happened

Growing up in Nigeria with tale of the match that never happened between India and Nigeria  is the funniest and craziest story i have ever heard.

I was made to know that India was banned from football because they used black magic to beat us 99-1 with Sam Okwaraji dieing in the process but how true was this?

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Obviously, I once believed it to be true because I have never seen Indian in the FIFA World Cup. I also haven't seen their players  ply their trade in European leagues and that makes the story seemed to be true.

Who ever faked that story must be a ' Genius in lies' because as a boy, it made me really hate India as a country and I am sure most of the naive people who might have heard this story must also hate the name though it was a story that never happened.

How was the 99-1 told?

Obviously I really thought this was true. It is the tale explaining the hard contest between Nigeria and India of which we were told that India challenged Nigeria that if they can get a goal, then they would be the winner of that encounter irrespective of the outcome.

Without telling the date and venue of the game,  I was made to know that India went on scoring goals like water until Nigeria broke the deadlock through Sam Okwaraji and the tie ended 99-1 with Nigeria declared the winner though they lost the goal scorer at the process.

What marvels me about this lie is how India got the chance to score 99 goals in 90 minutes. I am as oblivious to those details as you reading this!


"Maybe they are scoring every seconds or wait, or are they gifting each pass to India or ' wait, don't they pass the ball after each goal or does the ball also resemble them palm fruit  head when they want to pass it after each goals''.

Well, let me continue with how the story were foretold by some unknown legends.

The Indians used mythical forces against the Super Eagles and it does transform the ball into all sorts of objects, animals and formidable beast and palm fruit head not to mention.

So fearful, the unknown keeper could only run for his life once he sees the formidable beings and palm fruits coming and it would end up going into the empty net and turning into a ball at the process.

Goals continue to flow until in the dieing minute of the game when Sam Okwaraji, who knew the consequence he would face if he dares strike the ball tries to make history for his country.

He wasn't naive of the fact of what others are seeing. He was aware that if he struck the ball that it would be his end, but trying to make his country proud; he struck the ball with the encounter ending 99-1 and Nigeria winning and Sam Okwaraji dying at the process.

Nigeria apparently mourned him while the Indians left the field as they entered a bottle placed in the center circle.

After the game, Indians were banned never to participate in any tournament and that was as a result of the black magic they used against Nigeria.

Story story, stor-y!

Now what we also don't understand is why those players then never left the field knowing Indians were using black magics. What were not told also was if the fans watching the game were blind or did India closed their eyes to protest against stopping the game?

What we can't understand too was why Indians couldn't use black magics to silence FIFA knowing they would be banned.

What we weren't told was if it was a World Cup final  or just a competition game. Well, this are just tale and people should just know that it never happened.

Now the funny aspect is that Ghana too have this same version of their story with Shamo Quaye Mfum being replaced as Sam Okwaraji.

I don't want to laugh narrating the Ghana own version of their story but African's framed this story to such an extent that it circulated from generation to generation and it's not going to stop until people understand it's a lie. I only learned about the truth because I grew up and found out why India was banned by FIFA.

 Why did I believe the 99-1 lies then?

Obviously my reason might be different from yours but it's worth putting down so that all football lovers can learn from it.

I grew up watching Indian movies and the type of magics i see from them puts fear in me. They are capable of walking through the seas, they can turn to unbelievable beasts especially mermaids and they  love magics.

Who would blame a lad who never for a day saw India in any competitive match so I never had doubts about this Urban myths and with Sam Okwaraji already dead, the lie was easy to believe.

How did I know it was a lie?

Growing up watching football have been a revelation. I delved more in the sports and discovered that it was the biggest generational lie because i can't remember India playing Nigeria in any competitive game.

The actual truth about Sam Okaraji's death is that on the 12th of August 1989, Nigeria lost Sam okwaraji.  He is the player rumored to have died in the game. In truth, he died during a FIFA world cup qualifying game against Angola in the 77th minute. He collapsed and died of congestive heart failure.  That is the truth of the matter.

So if Indian was not ban because of the game, why are they not playing in the FIFA World Cup?

First of all, the World Cup in 1950 was being held in Brazil. In 1950, it was not a simple matter to travel from, say, Burma, to Brazil. In fact, the team from Turkey withdrew because of financial concerns over traveling to Brazil. So teams withdrawing from the World Cup over financial reasons would be quite reasonable. In fact, that is an alternate theory that has arisen over the years - that India withdrew because they could not afford the trip. This appears to be false, as the organizers offered to pay most of the travel expense to get India to Brazil (as if India did not come, they would not have a representative from Asia, which is exactly what happened - the tournament ended up playing with 14 teams instead of 16, with one group having just two teams in it).

According to India's Sports Illustrated magazine, All India Football Federation (AIFF) announced that the team would not attend the World Cup, citing "disagreements over team selection, and insufficient practice time." However, as Kaushik Bandyopadhyay, associate editor of the journal Soccer and Society, put it Sports Illustrated:

A careful study reveals that beneath the apparent financial difficulties given as cause of withdrawal lay the AIFF's unusual failure to appreciate the importance of participating in the Cup, despite assurances from the organizing committee to bear a major part of the tour expenses.

This general idea, that the AIFF just did not take the World Cup seriously, considering the Olympics to be the ultimate goal, is backed up by Sailen Manna, who would have been the captain of the team. As he told Sports Illustrated saying:
We had no idea about the World Cup then. [H]ad we been better informed, we would have taken the initiative ourselves. For us, the Olympics was everything. There was nothing bigger.
So the reality is that India qualified for the 1950 FIFA world cup as a result of the withdrawal of their scheduled opponents. but the Indian  football governing  body  decided against  going to the world cup , being unable to understand the importance of the event at that time and it resulted to them being banned.

The 1948 London Olympics was India’s first major international tournament where a predominantly barefoot Indian team lost 2-1 to France. Following these games  FIFA banned barefoot play. India did not stop playing after this ban. The reason you do not see India is like Kenya, they just do not qualify! In 1952 India took a beating from Yugoslavia of 10-1 and as a result of this magnanimous defeat, the governing body in India made it compulsory for its team members to start wearing boots.

Millions of Nigerians  believe this  false story but the reality is that am writing to help our generation and i believe this news can go all the way if you can help me share it on social media.The Indian part of  not participating in international football is in fact true and that is one of the factors why this story has been thriving. This gave a little credence to this story.

I believe this lie to have been concocted by an elder of a community because let us face it, who can question the elders. I have seen them on Nigeria movies especially Nollywood where you are visited by Amadioha (idol) if you dare question Pete Edochie.

I have grown up to be laughing since learning the truth and the tale of the 99-1 story that never happened. I have also matured to realize the ring of the truth and as am closing this revelation, i am sure to have impacted a smile on the faces of my readers and am sure this story makes you remember some tales you were told while growing up.

  Drop your comments in the comment box, i would love to see your say!

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