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Thursday, February 14, 2019

REVEALED: How Mauro Icardi Stole Maxi Lopez Wife

Inter Milan stripped Mauro Icardi of the captains armband, a news that didn't surprised many knowing fully well of the curse following him after betraying Maxi Lopez by snatching his wife 9 years ago.

Maxi Lopez was a striker and also a team-mate of the more senior Argentine at Sampdoria while Icardi was just his junior but his fan. The Inter forward Met his childhood hero and both became teammates & close friends  but Lopez did not know Icardi has other ideas.

Their relationship turned sour when Icardi, who was stripped of the captains armband at Inter Milan began an affair with the wife of his friend Wanda Nara, before eventually 'stealing' her off him and marrying her at the same time.

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It didn't stop there. Icardi went on and started posting images of himself and Lopez's three children on twitter and even tattooed them on his arms.

That incident didn't go on well with some Mafia group in Argentina wanting to kill the Inter striker for his action. Some unhappy mafia even caught Icardi and asked Lopez if he 'want them to end Icardi's career' following that betrayal.

Argentinian journalist, Carlos Monti who works for Radio 10 claims the Mafia got involved to ‘help’ Lopez.

He claims two cars pulled up alongside the striker’s vehicle and offered to “finish him” or “end his football career” — they even asked if he wanted them to “break his legs.”

However, Lopez is reported to have declined the offer and asked them to leave him.

Was Icardi remorseful after the incident?

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Icardi have never in a day been remorseful for his actions instead he has went on making matters worse and has gone on being provocative.He even went on by saying he and Maxi Lopez were just teammates and nothing else and has the stance he just fell in love with Wanda which he thinks it's not stealing.
Everyone speaks about the Wanda issue without knowing the truth. When I started with her I played alongside Diego Milito, [Javier] Zanetti, [Esteban] Cabiasso, [Walter] Samuel, and they all knew the story because I told them,” he fired to Fox Sports. 
I was a friend of the couple, an acquaintance, and it was all very normal. After that, Wanda split up and we kept in contact, and it just happened. 
I fell in love, that’s something you should judge solely on its own merits. But [Lopez] was not my best friend, nothing like that. We were colleagues in Sampdoria, nothing else.
He even went on to claim that it was not him who went for Wanda, instead it was Maxi's wife that came to him.
The day I left for a friendly tour in the US. 
I got a message from Wanda [the then Lopez’ wife], I was surprised because I usually spoke with Maxi not with her. She asked if I could buy a new Ipad for her in the US.  
That episode however made me think did Wanda really want that tablet or was she seeking an excuse to get in touch with me? 
When I came back to Milan, one of the first things I did was to get reacquainted with Wanda. The Ipad was a perfect excuse. 
We texted many times, Icardi continues, and it was at that time that we started talking about us a bit more freely. She wrote to me: Mauro, Maxi and I are going for a ride to the Aeolian Islands with Gonzalo Bergessio and his wife why don’t you come with us.  
Of course I wanted to so, I went. But if you play with fire you get burned. When I was alone on the second floor of the boat lying of the couch and listening to a bit of reggae, Wanda all of a sudden came and sad beside me without any embarrassment.
The reality was that Icardi had bad intention towards his friend because if he doesn't, there is no how he would ever think of sleeping with her. He wasn't remorseful when he started saying ' I love these three angels' [Maxi Lopez children]. It was too provocative posting another man's kids as if it was his.

Reacting to Icardi's provocation, Lopez admitted that his friend behaviour is making him furious and said he ' warned him to stop because he puts his kids at risks by posting their pictures online'.

Did Lopez ever forgave Icardi?

Lopez is no Christ and that's it. It's true he has a human conscience if the Argentine news was correct when they said he had the chance to avenge Icardi which he declined but that wound would forever be in his mind.

Both Icardi and lopez haven't spoken to each other 9 years ago after that incident and nothing will make them do that.

They later met in Serie A with Lopez representing Torino and Icardi playing for Inter. Icardi thought his friend had forgiven him and was even relishing the chance to hug his old foe, imagine!

With a smile on his face, Icardi tried to greet his victim but Lopez withdrew his hand and refused to shake him which was caught and had been televised on screens since then.

Has he paid for his betrayal?

Well, that's not something that concerns anyone. He is not the only one who has done it or betrayed their mates with John Terry betraying England team-mate bridge and Thibaut Courtois sleeping with De Bruyne's girlfriend. This things happens but it's not good.

We can say he started paying for it the moment he married Wanda. He hasn't played for the national team since 2013 prior to being called up in 2018 and also omitted at the same time with Dybala.

He's been good in Serie A but has not been regarded as anything but a traitor in his home country. There are also numerous reports that high profile figures like Lionel Messi is against the Inter forward representing the Argentine national team because of his actions.

Maradona mean while have been the one Criticising  the player and is even against him representing the national team by labelling him a 'traitor'. Speaking at a press conference call in 2016 ahead of a peace match organised by the Vatican, the Argentina legend said.

‘I don’t know if Icardi will be called-up for the national team.

‘I don’t speak about traitors. I’m here for the Match for Peace and Icardi has nothing to do with it.’

He didn't stop there. In 2017, Maradona continued from where he stopped about how pissed off he is with Icardi and said karma would have it's say on Icardi. He told Canale 5:

Icardi is a traitor. He can't go to dinner with his team-mates and then get married to the wife of his friend. He'll pay for what he did to Maxi.

And it seemed that the Karma finally occurred. First, Inter announced he has been stripped of the captaincy with negotiations between player and club over a new contract at loggerheads.

And now it seems he has a family feud to deal with too. Moments after Inter’s tweet confirming that goalkeeper Samir Handanović had taken over the captaincy, Icardi's sister Ivana Icardi Rivero took to Twitter to voice her frustration at her brother’s wife [Maxi Lopez ex] and agent, Wanda Nara.
My poor brother, why does he continue to allow this? At Inter they don’t allow these attitudes. 
If he had a serious person behind him, who took care of him, this wouldn’t happen.
The Argentine though was seen in training on Thursday morning ahead of their Europa league travel though he won't be involved in the game.

It might not be a Karma for now but what Icardi did is not acceptable and with Lopez having sworn never to forgive him and Wanda, it's only Divine interception that can help the Argentine.

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