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Monday, January 21, 2019

Why On Earth Did Barcelona Sign 'Troublesome' Boateng

The former Ac Milan an schalk man is due to join the La Liga champions in a shocking transfer but is the club moving forward or backwards by signing the 'troublesome' midfielder?

Earlier in the season, the reigning la Liga champions made a move for chile international Arturo Vidal from Bayern Munich. Vidal though is a proven performer having played for juventus and Bayern in Germany.

The tough tackling midfielders talent is undeniable but his style of play is not suitable for Barcelona and that move drew criticism with many believed that it will backfire in the future, how then has his signing been.
The midfielder as of late have been in good form  but it came with a price. Ernesto Valverde admitted after signing the former Bayern man that there are "problems" with him after he upset the Catalan club with his social media outbursts. The club made their feelings known with Barcelona sporting director Pep Segura criticising his professionalism.
In general, the situation with Vidal is very clear. 
Firstly, with his protests, it's a clear demonstration that he wants to play for and serve Barcelona, contributing to winning everything, as he said when he was presented.
The negative part is he doesn't have the delicate touch that a professional should have, out of respect for his coach and his team-mates. 
In a club as big as Barca, with the great professionals here, Vidal knows he has done wrong, that he lacked respect for his team-mates and I'm sure he will correct that.
Vidal has not looked anything like the midfield warrior that was such a hero at Bayern, and Juventus before that. Worse still, rather than battle for his place in the Barca XI, he has spent more time complaining about his exclusion. His professionalism have been a big problem for the club and that is where Barcelona are failing.

Fast forward from the Arturo vidal signing, and barcelona are at it again. It started like a joke but the reality is it's happening.

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The Germany-Ghana midfielder who has also played for Las Palmas in Spain announced his imminent move to Barcelona on Monday night when he told Sky Sports that his next destination is Barcelona.
Barca, I’m coming! I’m sad to leave Sassuolo but is a great chance. 
Don’t ask me about Real Madrid... is just the past! I only want to focus on Barcelona and I hope to score at Bernabéu for the next Clásico”
A player full of controversies throughout his career. One has to ask, are Barcelona moving forward or backwards with his signing?

This is not the type of signings Barcelona are known for. Boateng is not a pure No. 9, which the club had been targeting and at the age of 32, regression is certain and it is difficult to imagine Boateng adapting to the Barcelona style.

As a fan, the signing might look the big hit knowing fully well that the Sassuolo forward is a fighter. Boateng joins Arturo Vidal as being another 'tough guy', having fought many battles over the years but what about his professionalism, dedication and how bad this signing might backfire?

He is indiscipline and seemed like someone whose past is still hurting hm. Flashback to what happened in May 2010 when he was playing for Portsmouth in england. Having had exchanged words with Chelsea Legend Michael Ballack, Boateng responded in style in  the FA Cup final by injuring the German international, something that earned him the nickname as 'Ballack's executioner'.

That injury prevented Ballack from going to the World Cup with Germany and he never returned to his best level; Boateng apologised but many believe that he purposefully injured Ballack and the truth is there for all to see and Barcelona should better admit it

During his days with Ac Milan, the club have to  release following some controversies. The Italian giants left out the 32-year-old from the side's pre-season squad ahead of the 2016/17 season. Having  failed to live up to expectations,  the club decided to exclude him from the side's roaster for the upcoming season.

The Rosenneri failed to renew the contract of the controversial Ghanaian midfielder after he failed to make the desired impact. Prior to joining Mian, he was kicked  Kevin-Prince m out of the squad 10 days after a shock 2-0 league defeat at Cologne three years ago

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The defeat threatened to jeopardise Schalke’s place in the top six of the Bundesliga after Die Knappen failed to qualify for next season Champions League for the first time since 2010/11 with the club believing he isn't professional enough.

2014 saw another typical Boateng. At the 2014 World Cup, Ghana were preparing to face Portugal in a match that was paramount in ensuring their place in the competition and the controversial midfielder was at the receiving end again.

A few hours before the game, Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah decided to expel Boateng and his teammate, Sulley Muntari, from the squad, something that shocked the football world.

Ghana coach Appiah claimed that both players had insulted and threatened him, something they denied.

A player who even confessed on spending all his money on cars, who lives a luxurious life and someone who never threatened the life of his manager, is this the Barcelona we know or is something changing the philosophy of this club.

So why on earth did Barcelona made this signing? Forget the toughness, this are trouble times!

It has been 14 seasons since Barcelona signed two outfielders who were above 30, when they brought in Henrik Larsson (32) and Demetrio Albertini (33) in 2004/05; four seasons ago, they brought in two players over 30 but one of them was Claudio Bravo, a goalkeeper.

In the last 14 seasons, Barcelona have made 63 outfield signings and of that figure, only seven - including Vidal and Boateng - have been 30 or older when they arrived.

These two signings are countercultural as Barcelona now have their 'plan B. Having a plan B is something normal but having two trouble makers at the same time in a club is something that looks like war front.

For sure his signing will strengthen Barcelona , and would also give them more options but should we neglect the negative influence he will bring?

Whatever the case might be, we are watching because if it's about Mr ' Ballack Executioner', he will strike in due time.

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