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Thursday, February 14, 2019

No Champions League & Ballon d'Or: Zlatan Is Just Jealous Of Ronaldo!

Following the criticism from the LA Galaxy striker towards Juventus  forward Cristiano Ronaldo, Goalcliq wonders why the controversial Sweden is jealous of a man who is regarded as one of the greatest in the game.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a man who doesn't hold back when it comes to speaking out openly but this time, he went far beyond by criticizing a man who have done what he couldn't do irrespective of his claim as being the best in the world.

The former Juventus man has previously stated that the Portuguese move to Juventus is not a challenge and he has still made that stance again. Speaking to DAZN, he said:
I didn’t say his transfer wasn’t great. 
I said that it wasn’t a challenge to join Juventus. It’s not a challenge to go to one of the best teams in the world. 
“Maybe it depends on what you mean by challenge. For me, a challenge is joining a team and taking them far. That’s a challenge. 
“In any case it’s a great signing for Italian football because thanks to him, my second home of Serie A has grown.
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The Swedish legend was not impressed with Ronaldo after the former Madrid man asked his rival Lionel Messi to trade La Liga for Serie A, with the Portuguese calling his transfer to Juventus a new challenge. Speaking back then about what Tonaldo's challenge claim; Zlatan said:

 Cristiano is talking about new challenges, he calls it a challenge to move to a club where it is already normal to win the Serie A. 
 Why did he not choose a club from a second division a few years ago?
Try to become a champion with such a second-division champion and lead them to the highest level, which is a challenge.

It is bulls***, moving to Juventus is not a challenge at all."

But the truth is, Ibrahimovic should look back to his own career and admit he will never do what the Portuguese have done in the game. There is no doubt about his quality by his recent statement can be caused by nothing else but jealousy.

Zlatan called out the Portuguese to go to the second division if he claimed to be the greatest in the world but when Juventus were relegated in 2006, where was Zlatan? smiles.

He took to his heels and refused to play in the Serie B. He claims to be the best in the world but he never took that challenge up when it occurred, Zlatan the self-acclaimed fearless simply ran. after he ditched relegated Juventus back in 2006, he said playing in the Serie B is not something that entice him as an ambitious person.
I didn’t like the thought of playing in Serie B. It would have taken years to get back to where we were as a team. My Juventus was superior to everyone, both in terms of coaches and players.  
They asked me to stay and renew my contract, but I knew it would take some time to get back to the top 
Personally, I could reach a much higher level of performance, but I would lose a year by dropping down into a division. It was better for me to seek a new challenge.
He said Ronaldo's move to Juventus was not a challenge but  one wonders if running away from Juventus following their  relegation  and playing for then champions Inter Milan could be called a challenge either.

The truth is that Zlatan is just envious of the Portuguese and he should admit it. Simply put, Ronaldo even at the age of 33 is nothing short of a phenomenon who is very much the prototype of the modern forward.

Challenges are nothing new to him. Mixing explosive pace, the power of a light heavyweight boxer, superb technique, clever footwork and clinical finishing, Ronaldo is a formidable attacking presence and has matured into one of the game's all-time greats.

Zlatan is no fan of  Messi so supporting the player he blasted after leaving Barcelona is something that we can't understand. Both Zlatan and Messi played together just for one season before the outspoken Galaxy man left for AC Milan.

The relationship between Zlatan and Lionel Messi during their time together at Barcelona were far from warm. Two great talents and two enormous egos meant they were on a collision course from the moment Ibrahimovic walked through the door at the Nou Camp, although the tipping point came when Messi allegedly demanded a change of tactics from Pep Guardiola.
It started well but then Messi started to talk," Ibrahimovic claimed in his book, 'I Am Zlatan' in 2011. 
He wanted to play in the middle, not on the wing, so the system changed from 4-3-3 to 4-5-1. I was sacrificed and no longer had the freedom on the pitch I need to succeed.
So with all this in mind, how then is the Sweden legend protecting the teammate he has severally blasted? well, the truth is jealousy  and he showed it when he recently chose Messi in his all-time XI, describing simply as a "genius" but left Ronaldo out entirely.

Zlatan for sure have played in many different leagues , winning many titles at the process and breaking some club records but that would never place him above the Portuguese. Ronald  has developed into one of the most fearsome strikers of the ball in the game today, and his station on the left-wing allows him to accelerate inside and fire shots at goal with his favored right foot.

Zlatan talks as if he knows the definition of challenges but he don't and would never. let's take a view of what transpired between and pep Guardiola at  Barcelona. He claimed to be fearless bu he couldn't even challenge for a starting berth at Barcelona.

Ibrahimovic was infuriated by Guardiola apparently giving him the cold shoulder at Barca, despite having been the club's marquee signing the previous year, and confronted him on the training ground after playing only five minutes in a 4-1 win against Villarreal.
He was staring at me and I lost it. I thought ‘there is my enemy, scratching his bald head’. I yelled to him: ‘You have no balls!’ And probably worse things than that. 
I added: 'You are s****ing yourself because of Mourinho (then in charge at Inter). You can go to hell!’ I was completely mad. I threw a box full of training gear across the room, it crashed to the floor and Pep said nothing, just put stuff back in the box. 
I’m not violent, but if I were Guardiola I would have been frightened.
He is arrogant, too mean and selfish. He could not fight Messi in his natural position and therefore took to his heel so why then would he question Ronaldo's Juventus ambitious move!

We all know Ronaldo didn't go to Juventus to carry the Scudetto. He went there to conquer Europe with the Serie A side and that is called a challenge because he did it with Man United in England, Madrid in Spain and would be hoping to do it again with Juve this season.

Ibrahimovic played in many great teams in Europe but never in his life won the trophy and would never so he better see things from Ronaldo's angle and stop saying unnecessary things. No matter what he thinks he has done, Ronaldo would always come out on top.

Ronaldo plays the central role well and has all the mesmerizing tricks of a flamboyant winger unlike the stagnant Zlatan, whilst he is more than capable of beating a defender to the byline through sheer pace and determination before whipping over a cross with his weaker left foot for a colleague without anyone knowing what he will do.

Now at the peak of his career at Juventus, he is perhaps the most devastating force in world football; a fully-fit Lionel Messi would argue otherwise.

All of the above may not be scientific, but right now, there isn't anyone who can stand toe-to-toe with either Cristiano Ronaldo or the Barcelona and Argentina star: not even Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Nevertheless, he better stops being Jealous because if he don't, Ronaldo might lead Portugal to 2022 world cup triumph and then he would understand fully well what challenges really mean.

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